Friday, January 19

Booked Payments with WooCommerce (Add-On)


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Free Booked Payments with WooCommerce Plugin is an add-on that requires the Booked plugin.

How use Nulled Booked Payments with WooCommerce

  1. After installing and activating the Payments with WooCommerce add-on for Booked, you will be able to create products that are Booked-specific (by simply checking a box).
  2. You can then add those products to your appointment calendar’s custom field list for your customers to choose from.
  3. Variable pricing is supported, as well as discounts and coupon codes.
  4. Once a customer picks a date and a product or products, they will be taken to the checkout page to complete payment.
  5. Once payment is complete, the appointment is approved. It’s as simple as that!

Booked Payments with WooCommerce 1.3.3 Plugin Changes

  • FIX: Fixed an issue related to “booked_wc_variables”.
  • FIX: Fixed an issue where the appointment limit (if set) was reached when the user tried to change the appointment date.
Download Booked Payments with WooCommerce (Add-On) WordPress Plugin

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